Jeff Oakley Pit Box RR
Jeff Oakley's 2017 Pit Box

We wrapped this white pit cart with the same scheme seen on the car he races on a weekly basis. Not only is this highly detailed, vibrant, and just plain pretty, but it adds a certain legitimacy and feeling of, "Yeah, we're here to race" to any team at the track. Adding sponsor logos is always an…

GWB Food Truck Wrap Left
Great White Buffalo Trailer

We fully wrapped this trailer with the main focus set on the product: wings, wings, and more wings. The primary logo is large and still a focal point, but the hi-res image and glistening color of the wings practically jump off of the wrap and into your mouth which makes this one trailer you'll…

Scott Prillaman 2016 Arena Car
Arena Racing

Each of these Arena Racing Series cars are 1:4 scale stock car style bodies and have been fully wrapped. Both gloss and matte finishes can be used as well as specialty vinyl such as fluorescent and metallic. Because of the close-quarter style racing that these cars are involved in they are often…

Body Wrapped
Cole Bruce Bandalero

Bandalero bodies have very extreme body lines and deep recessions to them. Because of this, most bodies are painted and then partially wrapped and lettered. On this body, the client chose to do a full wrap instead of painting because the car was at the chassis fabricator's shop where a paint booth…

Francis Jarelle - Right 2
Francis Jarrelle, III 2017 Dirt Modified

This dirt modified for Francis Jarrelle, III is a full wrap which covered an existing blue body. It's a white base design with bold blue and black graphics, ghosted graphics in the background, and topped off with fluorescent yellow number and stripe accents and chrome on the sponsors.

Jeep Color Change Front
DigiCamo Wrap

This Jeep came in charcoal, but the client wanted to change it to a dessert-styled digital design. This wrap has a matte finish and it accented with a matte black grille and Trailstorm name plates.